My philosophy about teaching guitar

We all remember our first guitar lessons? We learned our first chords  C- major, G-major and so on... and we felt great when we played them. But then comes a time, when these chords are not enough and we start to listen to the great guitar players... and we want to play like them overnight. For sure that doesn´t work. You need much patience and time.

Theoretically it´s easy: play the themes and solos of the great masters in Rock,Blues or Jazz and then put everything you learn in one simple system I call 

                                         "The Magic Five Chords System"

It´s a very common method that leads you always back to your first contact with your guitar, to your first lesson. Other people call it "Caged System" or "Boxes".

It does not matter how you call it - fact is if you stay focused on this system in every situation it will help you to fix and memorize the more complicated stuff. And the rules are always the same whether you play Smoke on the Water or Giant Steps.


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EX1: Smoke on the Water(R.Blackmoore)

Ex 2: Still got the Blues(Gary Moore)

Ex 3: Sultans of Swing(Mark Knopfler)

Ex 4: Crossroads(E.Clapton)

Ex 5: Samba Pati(C.Santana)

All along the Watchtower(J.Hendrix)